Metal Finishing

We have a multiskilled metalworking staff that can draw on a range of metal working skills. What we provide is a technical service with a great eye for detail and over all form. Our metal workers have an innate understanding of the medium they work with and turn this to your advantage. We believe a close relationship with the client through consultation and direct involvement yields the best results. All our metalworkers are used to working with clients and artists. You will find our staff approachable and eager to listen to you or offer advice if required.

On larger projects the sculptures are cast in separate sections and welded together. At this stage the internal support structure is inserted and you will find our staff is well versed in what can be done structurally to strengthen the sculpture and make any technical adjustments to the piece.

Over the years produced all manner of textures and finishes and guarantee that we will faithfully recreate the required texture to the point that all our work will be invisible.

We know we’ve done a good job if we can only see your work.