Sculpture Installation

Our experience of being on site and installing sculpture has taught us one essential, to be prepared for the unexpected.

The final stage of the process, when the sculpture is finished and ready to leave the foundry and be installed can be the most stressful part of the job.

Various parties can be involved in the preparation of the site. Often it is a matter of consulting with the contractors or county councils and co-ordinating their plans with yours. We plan the manner in which the sculpture will be installed. It is something we think about from when we first discuss a project with the client. We can be trusted for technical advice if needed, so you have the necessary information to ensure the procedure goes according to plan.

All this is important so that on the day of installation everything will run smoothly and the sculpture will go into place without a hitch. Handling large public art commissions is a large part of what we do at Bronze Art and we ensure that the job will be completed on time, safely and professionally.