While many artists make their own moulds we can provide a professional mould making service.

A wax replica of the original sculpture is made by brushing in layers of hot wax into the mould. After the wax copy is taken from the mould, all seam lines are removed and corrections are made by constantly referring to the original work.

At this stage we feel it is very important to get the client in to view the work and to work on the wax if they wish.

Many important decisions about the way the piece will be cast happen now. For example how it will be divided into sections for casting or making allowances for any internal structure that will be added later for strength or fixing.

Our approach to wax work allows for any foreseeable difficulties or obstacles in the casting process to be dealt with prior to casting. Changes to the piece and important decisions about the work are made at this stage. If you are new to working with wax we can guide you through it and offer advice if needed.

Once the waxwork has been completed and viewed by the artist we attach the spruing system. Spruing is the attachment of wax bars and a wax cup that will become the channels for the bronze to flow through when the piece is poured. Spruing the piece well is essential for a good casting. Every piece is assessed based on complexity and we have a keen eye for sprue design to ensure a great casting.

With the use of ceramic shell there is not a need for a huge amount of sprue runners, so we only do as much as we think necessary to ensure there is less of our work and more of yours.