Mould Making

While many artists make their own moulds we can provide a professional mould making service.

We have tackled all manner of projects from found objects and artists originals to moulding from life. In our experiences over the years we have moulded all shapes, materials, textures and from the tiny to the monumental. On each new project we have gained a new technique or skill.

We mainly make silicon rubber moulds of excellent quality and durability with fibreglass or plaster jackets. This depends on the expected usage of the mould or the budget.

If your sculpture is too large to move, we can come to your studio and make the mould on site.Above all we work to your specifications. Moulds can be produced in rubber with fibreglass jackets, direct fibreglass or plaster moulds.Also bear in mind that if all you need is the mould then we can provide it to your requirements.

We would be glad to offer advice or supply materials for mould making if you wish to do the work yourself.